The Confusing Legend of the “Mystic Spring”

2003. by Grant Keddie In the municipality of Oak Bay, above the western side of Cadboro Bay, part of the uplands drain through a deep ravine now referred to as Mystic Vale. The creek that flows through this vale, or valley, has never been given a legal name but is referred to locally as Mystic Creek or Hobbs Creek. Mystic Creek flows north of Vista Bay Road and between Bermuda Street and Killarney road to the north of Cadboro Bay road. South of Cadboro Bay road the creek flows on the east side of Killarney road. Recently its south end was diverted east to Sinclair road. To the west of Killarney road is Mystic Lane. Artificial duck ponds have been created above and below this lane. The area between Killarney … Continue reading “The Confusing Legend of the “Mystic Spring””