The Man Who Fell From Heaven Petroglyph

1995. Compiled by Grant Keddie In the collection of the RBCM, is a cast of a unique petroglyph or rock carving that – unlike most petroglyphs – has an associated story. This story was recorded by Harlan I. Smith in 1936. The location, archaeological site GbTo-39,is on Robertson Point on the Metlakatla First Nation Reserve near Prince Rupert, British Columbia: “The origin of this petroglyph is explained by some of the Tsimshian Indians in the following story. An important Indian man, to astonish the people, said he was going up to the sky. He disappeared, but came back home some days later as he could not stay hid very long for lack of food. He explained to the people that he had … Continue reading “The Man Who Fell From Heaven Petroglyph”