Boyhood of Adventure

Originally Published in Discovery. Magazine of the Royal BC Museum. 2007. 35:3:4-6 2007. By Robert Moyes Grant Keddie and the Boyhood of Adventure – How the child was father to the archaeologist. Grant Keddie (left) at age 6 with his older brother Graham. Grant Keddie is proud of being a curious fellow. And up on the 11th floor of the Royal BC Museum’s Fannin Building, this long-time curator of Archaeology uses that curiosity to help him interpret nearly 150,000 artifacts that reflect the pre-contact history, ethnography and cultural development of our many First Nations groups. “I’m one of the few archaeologists who still does experiments on tools,” says Keddie, who pursues many of his so-called “projects” in his spare time. … Continue reading “Boyhood of Adventure”